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Monday, May 12, 2014


Life is always a battle and changing...

Never regret all past, its a guide for tomorrow.
Never underestimate of future, its all ambiguity.

The promise is life will challenge you - in sorrow & happiness.
It will always compliment each other.
Hence when it time for sad, never forget the cherish moment.
When time come for best, compliment and save for bad time.

To my dear girl, I always love you...

You are my strength, my happiness, my lifebook and my everything.

To all mummies, keep strong the battle never end...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Always choose to BREAST FEED your baby

It always the best what ALLAH has created, has planned and has told...

My baby was born with many 'description' by the doctor. One the day she was born all the nurses and doctors at the postnatal room was scolding me as my baby vomit 'mucus'. They suspect she was feeding with other than breastmilk while actually I haven't yet hold her due to my fatique after the delivery and she was not yet feed.

On the 2nd day I try to breastfeed her even i thought i don't have milk. Subhanaallah, once she suck the milk come-out! From the time she never being feed other than my milk.

While at home on the noon of 2nd day, she crying like my milk is not enough for her. My husband and I was thinking to mix her milk with formula milk. Then, ALLAH called her advice, the nurse come home to visit me check my baby was having jaundice stage 3. she can't be feed other than breast milk to let her recover better and faster.

However she was admitted to NICU on the 3rd day morning because of jaundice comes with fever. Doctor suspected her snepsis which I don't know what is it. She was released from ward on her 5th day as the fever gone and jaundice reading was 10. I believe breastmilk develop her antibody. Before we leaving the doctor claimed she was suspected to have unbalanced tiroid hormon.

We keep on travel from home-HSI or clinic to get her checked. Pity to saw her hand being needle for blood.

But, the problem with breastfeeding if your baby having jaundice is you need to care about what you eat. Her jaundice reading fluctuated hence she got prolonged jaundice.She completely recover when she is 20th day. The new comes with another news that she clear from tiroid.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Precious One

On 28th Feb 2012 by 5:16pm I made a big leap in life --> becoming a mother. My girl AINUL SUFI UMAIRAH born thru normal delivery but with vacuum, 12hours after the water broken by the doctor.

Actually it was a day after the expected to deliver date. Luckily she was not born on 29th Feb, else it not only me make a big leap in life but she will celebrate her birthday only during leap year!

To be sincere, the experience make me realised on many things; the greatness of Allah, my mother sacrification, the best feeling in life  as well as love and care of my husband.

It was the Almighty is making possible of this miracle, struggling on delivery without food/drink for 12hours but HE still give me the strength to push out my baby even sent to me 7 people in making it happen. Another thing amused me is the exact time of contraction. He made it sharp without mistake even a second.

Hence, the history changed me a lot! Especially in dealing with my mum, my mother-in-law & my husband. I am so lucky surround by great people and love by them!

Sufi after recover from prolonged Jaundice - TEMBAM!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Neonatal jaundice

Today is the 10th day of my baby....
Her Jaundice keep changing someday it drop, some day it increase...
I search all around and people say it was normal...
However, as she delivered with help of vacuum, I pray it will not get worse.
Further, before leaving the hospital after she admitted for phototeraphy,  the doctor advised her thyroid reading is abnormal..

I took this article for sharing:

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breast Feeding VS Cow Milk

Warrrrgh! Can I do it?

I want to be TRUE mother... Lets my baby have full breastfeed if possible up to 2years..

But we still cant find solution on how the future will be...

Will my baby stay with me at KL (but cant find the nearest Nursery) or stay with my mother in law (which i have to going back on weekend >>>> think more budget will be spent)

Still the problem is I cant make decision on the breast pump.. whatever the solution, we still need the pump..

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